What Are Some Behaviors of a Confident Person?

Adrian S. Potter
4 min readJun 11, 2022

Understand how they operate so you can emulate their actions.

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So what qualifies me to yap about the habits of confident people?

Well, I have run the gamut in my partial lifetime from tragically insecure to self-assured. And because of that transition, I can say the distance between those extremes is not daunting. Seriously.

The tool that can narrow the gap is maintaining a group of core positive, strong-willed habits that build your audacity — even when the world wants to tear you down.

Confident people manufacture systems based on their behaviors that apprehensive people don’t understand.

But there is no code to decipher. Their methods hide in plain sight, waiting to be plagiarized by anyone — even you.

Observe the confident people around you. Notice their practices. Take notes and if any of their ways mesh with your core values, toss them into your personal toolbox.

What traits have you seen in confident people? Below are ten key behaviors that I have spotted them doing.

1. They listen WAY more than they talk.

Confident folks already know what they believe. They are not enamored with the sound of their voice. They would rather learn more about what others think.

2. They never waste time, resources, or energy on hater activities.

Confident people celebrate their peers’ successes. Insecure people don’t want others to succeed. When a poised person says “good luck” or “congrats,” they sincerely mean it.

3. Their body language mirrors their mindset.

Confident people rarely cross their arms or put their hands on their hips. They don’t assume defensive or judgmental postures — they have nothing to hide and don’t feel the need to defend their viewpoints.

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4. They do not gossip or badmouth others.



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