To Improve is to Change

Adrian S. Potter
3 min readJan 24, 2024

“…so to be perfect is to have changed often.”

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The Secondhand Inspiration Project begins with a motivational quote and ventures wherever the creative path meanders.

Winston Churchill was a British statesman, orator, and leader who played a pivotal role in the 20th century.

Serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during critical periods, notably during World War II, Churchill displayed remarkable leadership and resolve. His stirring speeches and unwavering determination inspired the British people to persevere in the face of adversity. Churchill’s importance lies in his instrumental role in thwarting Nazi aggression, his contribution to the Allied victory in WWII, and his post-war efforts to shape global diplomacy.

His legacy endures as a symbol of resilience, eloquence, and statesmanship, influencing not only British history, but also the broader narrative of democratic values and leadership worldwide. One of my favorite quotes of Churchill’s -

“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.”

-is a testimonial to the potential power of incremental change on our lives. It provides a profound insight into the nature of progress as we pursue perfection.

“To improve is to change,…”

The first part of the quote points out the natural connection between progress and change.

Progress is braided with change, as the former inherently involves moving outside comfort zones and beyond existing conditions or norms. Improvement implies a departure from the status quo, a willingness to abandon old ways in favor of new ones. Change catalyzes innovation, adaptation, and evolution, pushing individuals, societies, and systems to evolve beyond their current limitations.

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“…so to be perfect is to have changed often.”

The second part delves into the concept of perfection. Churchill suggests that achieving perfection is not a static state but rather a dynamic…



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