The Struggle is the Dirt Where You Plant the Seeds of Your Future Success

Adrian S. Potter
4 min readMar 6, 2022

You’ll never be a better person until you get comfortable with the bad times.

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The most overlooked and misinterpreted fact is that life’s often filled with frustration and lowlights.

Do you notice a familiar cycle? Can you see how your contentment gets consistently stripped away until nothing remains except melancholy and annoyance?

People choose to hide and ignore their pain, anxiety, and rage. It is why we refuse to ask others for help, numbly fidget with our smartphones, and blankly claim we’re okay when we aren’t.

But the answer exists on the other side of the equation. We find hope by embracing all the resentment, fear, doubt, and sadness. Understand this is simply part of the experience that we need to succeed.

Most people lead mundane lives because they bury negative feelings. They padlock them inside and pretend those thoughts are taboo and toxic.

But successful folks know that it is when they accept their ire and decipher the coded message that it wants to share — that is where we develop and evolve for the better.

You won’t harvest any crops if you don’t sow seeds in the soil where there’s sunlight. And sometimes it gets hot and intense beneath the sun. But if you can’t sweat a little under that growing shine, you will never blossom.

How you react to the neutral and challenging parts of life dictates what pleasures and richness you will eventually receive.

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When you chase something, it usually eludes you.

Do you remember that crush in middle school?

You left third-period intent on bumping into them near their locker, hoping to catch them at some predestined moment that would paint you in the proper light, all with the dream of getting them to possibly like you.

But when you stopped caring about that person as much and were just your authentic self in the hallways, they actually noticed you. You may have already moved…

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