So Why Do You Feel Like a Failure?

Adrian S. Potter
3 min readMar 14, 2022

A mindful answer to a common question.

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Haters wanted to hold you back, but you pushed forward.

You escaped the downward pull of other people’s limited results and expectations.

You never waited around idly for good fortune to arrive. You know your way around the wrong end of the stick, and recognize when it’s better to drop that stick and sprint towards your goals.

Your current identity conjures magic out of the challenges that your previous self cowered at.

So, after all these accomplishments and advancements, why do you still feel like a failure?

It stems from a common misconception — believing the lie that you’re not doing well enough. So let’s debunk the stink off of this shitty myth.

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Talk to successful people and they all buy into the idea that they come up short in some manner. It is an affliction that plagues most achievers.

They focus on a salary gap with rivals. Or worry that they’re subpar leaders. Or feel their innovative ideas are never finished with complete satisfaction.

Parents feel this way. Business execs, too. And athletes. Writers. Entertainers. Everybody.

You rarely hear anyone boast, “Isn’t life easy and fun? I win at everything I do.” That level of confidence may not be achievable. But could you could at least admit that you’re doing okay?

You don’t have to handle every issue perfectly. It’s not realistic.

But you have come a long way. You survived the struggles you’ve faced thus far, and you’ll overcome many in the future. You should be proud of yourself. Seriously.

Acknowledge your growth. It’s amazing.

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How much have you evolved in the past year? Really evaluate it without bias.



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