One of These 12 Quotes Could Be the Daily Affirmation You Need

Adrian S. Potter
4 min readApr 24, 2022

Speak good things into existence.

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You work your butt off and perform minor miracles each day to gain popularity and solicit support from classmates, relatives, teachers, supervisors, neighbors, clients, and a whole cast of characters. And as long as those folks are not toxic or manipulative, it is okay to impress outside sources and gain their favor.

But never neglect or discount the person you absolutely must win over — yourself.

Be the biggest champion of your life. Become your own internal hype man. If you have to believe in something, why not believe in yourself?

Like a country that stockpiles fossil fuels for emergency use, make sure you carry reserves of confidence within yourself — and access them when scarcity comes into play.

Doctors, therapists, spiritual counselors, and life coaches understand this concept. It is the primary reason there has been so much buzz recently about self-care and the science behind happiness.

Remaining upbeat while facing daily stressors improves your mindset, boosts self-image, and brightens your outlook. It can become so potent that it might also impact how your brain functions.



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