Let These 8 Quotes Stoke Your Collaborative Fire

Adrian S. Potter
4 min readJul 10, 2022

Because teamwork really can make the dream work.

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I spent much of my career as a lone wolf. And I was pretty damn successful at it.

I would unflinchingly tackle impossible projects with a laser-like focus — all by myself.

I would clock insane amounts of overtime. I took care to make friendly calls to clients and coworkers. I attacked everything with adrenaline and testosterone, ensuring I always did a good job.

Until one day, I discovered that good sometimes is not good enough.

I needed to change course. I could only travel so far along the road to success by myself.

It is not intended to be a lonely trek. As Ned Stark stated in Game of Thrones, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Going at it by myself worked in doses, but my solitary willpower could only go so far.

The collective resolve and skills of a team can be a force multiplier. When a group strives effectively towards a common purpose, their shared potential and influence exceed an individual’s reach.

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I lived this narrative. Letting colleagues help me cope with chaos allowed me to evolve in my career.

Because of this pivot, I ceased being the sole expert on specialized tasks by teaching others the trade secrets I once hoarded out of a scarcity mindset.

I stopped being defensive and viewing comrades as competitors. Now, I observe people’s talents and explore ways to collaborate.

And most importantly, I quit managing and began leading.

Teams unite athletes, families, students, business partners, neighbors, and others to focus on a meaningful cause. Through collaboration and a shared vision, each contributor overcomes trials and discovers chances to triumph that they could not access alone.

Working together also strengthens and expands our interpersonal skills. After axing the whole me against the world mindset, people understood me…



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