Here Is Your 8-Point Checklist For Achieving Goals

Adrian S. Potter
3 min readFeb 6

Cover these bases, and you can accomplish anything.

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1. Show restraint when needed.

Exhibiting discipline is vital to achievement. Put in the work, exercise, eat healthy, chase improvement, and hustle every day. And don’t forget to smile a little daily, too. Maintain enough restraint to resist chasing after cheap dopamine rushes. Lazy naps and binge-watching the latest on Hulu have their place, but not at the expense of your dreams. Always keep the long game in mind.

2. Exhibit tenacity.

You will struggle at times while chasing success. Becoming the best version of yourself demands some sacrifice and recovery from setbacks. Develop enough determination to persist through challenges, or you will fall short of your goals.

3. Be dissatisfied with the status quo.

Strong performers demand more from themselves and out of life. They appreciate what they have but know they deserve even more. Rather than being complacent, you should strive to obtain everything you want. Allow your desire to fuel your efforts and drive you toward greatness.

4. Develop the ability to rebound.

Taking a moment to acknowledge and accept your failures is understandable and natural. But if you know yourself well and recognize your motivators, then you can swiftly rebound. Bounce back from your losses as quickly as possible — get your backside back in the game. The world will keep on spinning, whether you are attacking your goals or licking your wounds. But if you sit on the sidelines for too long, life will pass you by.

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5. Get mentors.

Chasing success as a lone wolf is criminally overrated. Many others have mapped a path to success already. Those folks can tutor you on how to get there faster — if you are humble enough to ask and keen enough to follow their advice. Having mentors in multiple areas of life is a clever move. Don’t reinvent the wheel if it is not necessary. Put that energy…

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