Drinking Game Shows I Would Probably Watch

Adrian S. Potter
3 min readMay 10, 2020

Netflix, I have some content ideas. I’m kidding. Unless you’re gonna do it.

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There are so many game shows: Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right, Family Feud, etc. Technically Survivor is a game show, as is The Amazing Race, even if it’s just a reality TV rip-off of Wacky Races. However, there aren’t nearly enough drinking game shows. Maybe that’s because nobody has ever thought of any good ones. Well, I have, and here they are.

  • One Shot Too Many is a game where contestants sit in an excessively air-conditioned apartment and down shots of Fireball Whisky to keep warm. But if you drink so many shots that you topple over like a poorly built Jenga tower, you lose!
  • The 80-Oz Challenge is a show in which players securely duct tape a 40-ounce beer to each of their hands and may not free their hands until both bottles are empty. Want to scratch an itch? Tough luck. Need to use the bathroom? That’s too bad, and possibly quite messy. Losers must acknowledge the winner’s superiority by pouring their remaining beer all over themselves and doing a wet walk of shame through the studio audience towards the exit.
  • Do I Look Drunk? is a show in which the host stumbles around onstage drinking various forms of booze and asking contestants, “Do I look drunk?” The answer is almost always “yes,” but to get any points, they have to respond with a convincing “no!”
  • Shark Tank Top is a deadbeat spinoff of Shark Tank where all the competitors wear sweat-stained wifebeaters and drink light beer while presenting their ill-conceived business ideas.
  • Sip, Strip, or Tip is a spin-that-wheel type game where each section of the wheel lists an action to take. Three participants take turns spinning the wheel to determine their fate: sip a beer, take off an article of clothing, or provide drunken relationship tips to lovesick viewers who call in live. No one really wins — everyone ends up hungover, naked, or making an ass of themselves by giving questionable advice to strangers on national TV.
  • I Don’t Know, What Do YOU Want to Drink Tonight? is a game in which participants take part in a group chat to decide what the choice drink is for the thing tonight. You earn points for effective defense — i.e., continuing to ask “I don’t know, what…



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