Don’t Waste Any Heartbeats

Adrian S. Potter
2 min readAug 13, 2021

Every instant is important.

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“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” — Neil Armstrong

Life is too short to focus on the wrong things.

We often find ourselves taking moments for granted. We procrastinate doing some of the essential things that we should accomplish. And sometimes, we do not always appreciate what time we do have.

Every moment is valuable.

There’s no use in spending our seconds being frustrated, stressed, downhearted, or angry about situations you cannot change. No matter how hard we try, we cannot fully control every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it’s better to appreciate each minute before it passes by and we lose it.

Our existence is fragile. We need to concentrate on enjoying life, even during the tough times.

Whether it is admiring the beauty of a sunset, savoring a favorite meal, or playing a fun game with friends and family, enjoy the simple things that make you and others around you happy. That should be what we fixate on — not the endless drama that dominates our thoughts and haunts our sleep.

Each time we find ourselves anxious, depressed, furious, or irritated, we should acknowledge those feelings and shift our mindset to a more optimistic one. Each breath spent dwelling within a negative space could be used to seek out opportunities to revel in life.

Not squandering time takes a steadfast dedication to monitoring our mindsets and noticing the opportunities for joy — even the ones we would have been too distracted to see in the past.

Are you ready to make that commitment?

Don’t waste any heartbeats — squeeze the most out of life from now until the end.

Adrian S. Potter is an author, engineer, consultant, and public speaker. He writes poetry, short fiction, and articles on a variety of subjects, including creativity and personal growth. He is the author of the poetry collection Everything Wrong Feels Right and the prose chapbook The Alter Ego Handbook. Visit him online at



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