Allow Broken Dreams to Become Blueprints for Your Success

Adrian S. Potter
2 min readFeb 11

Let’s pull back the curtain on how.

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How are your broken dreams blueprints for success?

Each failure you experience is a dress rehearsal for some future act of your life where you will become destined to win.

But remember that you are the protagonist in this lifelong play. And though it might all feel scripted, you control this narrative.

You determine the setting of each scene you step into, the cast of supporting characters around you, and every line of dialogue you utter.

You decide whether the mood remains lighthearted and carefree — or intense and full of needless drama.

So take detailed notes on your performance each day, and then try to do better the next time. Eventually, you will, and the world will give you a standing ovation.

Good luck and break a leg.

Adrian S. Potter — the antisocial extrovert — is an author, engineer, consultant, and public speaker. When he’s not busy silently judging your beer selection or record collection, he writes poetry, short fiction, and articles on various subjects, including creativity, leadership, optimism, and personal growth. Adrian is the winner of the 2022 Lumiere Review Prose Award and the author of Field Guide to the Human Condition (CW Books) and Everything Wrong Feels Right (Portage Press). His next book, And the Monster Swallows You Whole, is forthcoming in May 2023 through Stillhouse Press. Visit Adrian at Say hi. He won’t bite.

Adrian S. Potter

Antisocial Extrovert · Writer and Poet, Engineer, Consultant, Public Speaker · Writing about self-improvement, gratitude, and creativity ·