23 Mindset Shifts That Can Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever

Adrian S. Potter
5 min readNov 28, 2022

You are the CEO of your life.

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1. Stop apologizing or feeling guilty for wanting a better life. You don’t need validation or permission to pursue greatness. Remain unapologetic in your quest for success.

2. But do apologize to one person you have wronged. Then forgive someone else who has wronged you. Commit to doing both of these acts at least once a month. At the end of 2023, marvel at twenty-four examples of your personal growth. Inventory what you learned from this habit and carry this monthly practice — instead of emotional baggage — into the following year.

3. Ask more questions. Claim to have fewer solutions, at least until you have truly validated your potential answers.

4. Everyone starts out being a beginner. Remember that practice and patience spawn improvement. Resist the temptation to give up when you don’t see the results you crave. Quitting too early is the easiest way to fail.

5. Embrace your unique version of being a freak. Little good happens when you mimic others or attempt to assimilate. Lean into what makes you weird. Let the meh masses remain normal while you stay distinctive. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

6. Make a conscious effort to choose curiosity over certainty and comfort. Seek out challenges. Learn to hit life’s curveballs.

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7. You are the CEO of your life. You remain solely responsible for ensuring the trajectory of your life points upward. Don’t drop that duty onto the lap of a boss, teammate, teacher, parent, coworker, buddy, or spouse. It’s your chore, even if you need help occasionally. Don’t sit around wishing and waiting for others to do your crap work.

8. Slow down long enough to savor what you have instead of perpetually chasing what you don’t.

9. Simply doing more doesn’t guarantee success. Change how you utilize time to transform the way you live. There are thousands of methods and millions of books focused on time management. Try a few. Find a process that works for you.

Adrian S. Potter

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