22 Ideas to Contemplate in 2022

Adrian S. Potter
3 min readJan 16, 2022

#4 — Often there are not a lot of reasons to smile, but enough to do it anyways.

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1. If you only notice the worst in things, you will miss out on the best parts of life.

2. Success can be spawned out of folks saying you cannot do something. Call this emotional upcycling — taking the toxicity of haters and repurposing it into motivation.

3. Without aim, there is no endgame. You won’t hit targets if you’re not shooting for them.

4. Often there are not a lot of reasons to smile, but enough to do it anyways.

5. Stop wandering through life lip-syncing someone else’s songs. Write your lyrics. Croon them proudly, fiercely, or even a little off-key.

6. If you refuse to evolve as a person, then you are giving up on yourself. Seek challenges and never intentionally stunt your growth.

7. Nobody — and I mean nobody — makes it on their own. Let someone else push the boat away from the dock as you paddle.

8. Expectations come from others. Focus on your goals.

9. Overnight success stories are sexy fiction, but most biographies are long-winded and boring. Steady progress over time yields results. Don’t wait around for a break — start making progress.

10. You don’t need to be a jerk to get what you desire.

11. Life won’t deliver your dreams to your doorstep. Put some effort into things. Winning requires being proactive and not passively waiting for good things to happen.

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12. Attract amazing people into your life and career, and you’ll become a magnet for success.

13. Doing work for the sake of work is senseless. Prioritize outcomes over blind activity.

14. People love to sell bullshit disguised as chocolate. Give everything a proper smell test so you don’t swallow crap.

15. Cowards use fear as a weapon. Leadership is accomplished with respect and reverence.

16. Don’t psych yourself out. Reframe negative thoughts. Steer clear of your inner…

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