12 Quotes That Motivate Me To Kick Ass

Adrian S. Potter
4 min readMay 29, 2022

Maybe they can fire you up to kick some ass, too.

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

The human condition is inherently problematic.

Knock down one obstacle, and another problem waits in the wings to take its place. We fall in love with everything only to find ourselves married to nothing but heartbreak and half-baked ideas.

Sometimes, it can feel reassuring to know others have experienced the same ups and downs that you have and that things may get easier in the future. Or even if they do not, at least you are not alone in this beautiful struggle we call life.

When I study the words of leaders, women and men who overcame adversity, who like us have labored over challenges, who battled and sometimes conquered (or were conquered, but still survived), it reminds me that I just need to push forward, there is hope, and if I continue making progress, something positive will come out of the chaos.

Below I share a dozen of my favorite quotes from people I admire. It never hurts to learn a lesson from those who have blazed trails before you. If you need a dose of inspiration or want to feel like your actions matter, I hope you might take a look.

These quotes represent the focused thinking that separates the get-byers from the go-getters. Maybe they can fire you up to kick some ass, too.



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